Let’s Stay Home Cocktail Kits

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These Cocktail Kits were created in Grand Rapids, Michigan during the global COVID-19 pandemic by a couple who believes that first, you don’t need to leave your house to have a great cocktail. Secondly, you don’t need to break the bank or have all the fancy gadgets to enjoy a fantastic, nuanced beverage. And third, that cocktail kits should be versatile and should not discriminate against cheap liquor or those who do not drink alcohol. You will come back to these bold flavors time and time again and you will love to proudly display these reusable glass jars on your bar cart.

With these kits, you can get the benefit of a bartender’s skilled hand and delight in local flavors from the comfort of your own couch or patio. Cheers to staying at home! 

Each bottle contains 16 fl oz cocktail mix, which will make 10 cocktails (plus a little extra to account for too much fun aka spills)

Strawberry Mint: Cool, fresh mint pairs wonderfully with the sweetness of Michigan strawberries, and balanced with pure lime juice so that it will seamlessly work with whatever spirit or seltzer you choose. Pairs well with gin, tequila or mezcal.

Ginger Basil: Zesty, flavorful ginger root joins forces with fragrant basil and fresh lemon juice to create this bright, botanical mix. Whiskey and rum fans will enjoy this one in particular, but they’ll work with whatever your preferred spirit or seltzer is!

Blueberry Lavender:  Sweet & tangy Michigan blueberries provide the base—and beautiful color—to this mix. The blueberries are accompanied by aromatic dried lavender and a bit of pure lime juice for a smooth sipping experience. Try it with vodka, tequila, a tonic water, or put some over vanilla ice cream

Peach Rosemary: Smooth, mellow Michigan peaches and bold rosemary merge to create this full-flavored mix. A splash of pure lemon juice brings the peach and rosemary flavors together harmoniously. We’d recommend gin or whiskey for this flavor, but as always, pick what you enjoy most.