Artisan Made Large Citrus Juicer

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The best craft cocktails are made with freshly squeezed juice. This hand-press artisan juicer is just like one you’ll find in finer establishments, and will bring old-fashioned charm to your countertop or home bar. It’s perfect for making Mai Tais, Tequila Sunrises, Margaritas, Cosmopolitans and Moscow Mules, or simply making fresh-squeezed orange juice or lemonade.

Popular in juice markets all over Mexico, the Artisan Citrus Juicer from Verve Culture is a countertop citrus juicer that will compete with any electric juicer! Made from 100% recycled aluminum in two sizes for different types of citrus, this manual fruit juicer extracts every drop of juice while collecting seeds and pulp in the strainer. The jaws are powerful and easily extract juice without overly straining your hands. Plus, this citrus juicer is handmade by artisans in Mexico, and supports small-scale makers. To use, simply cut your favorite citrus in half, close the jaws, and squeeze!

9.25" L x 6" W x 13.75" H

- Handmade in Mexico