Our Story

Ten years ago, two boys with one part lunacy, the other part cunning, left their grown up jobs, packed their bags and left Nashville to move back home. They were ready to open the shop they’d often dreamed about. Though one of the boys knew from a young age that this was his destiny, it still felt like a foolish idea.

Something deeper still made him think it could be wonderful and together they were up for the challenge. Challenging times we’re something already familiar to the boys. They had met hard times before. In fact, those hard times had brought them to this moment. The only difference they found when they met up with fear this time is that fear seemed smaller than before. A global recession, a stock market collapse, a house foreclosure and bankruptcy had recently leveled them yet they still had each other and they still had dreams.

As the boys headed North with two dogs, two cats and all their earthly possessions, they felt so much promise ahead. Rebel would be the name of their dream. They felt it suited them perfectly. Every path they had been told to take before had never quite felt right, but this. This felt like home.

So they worked and they plotted and they opened their door. A tiny door to a tiny shop. It was so tiny, the tall boy sometimes hit his head on things but it was theirs. Their little dream. They filled the little dream with the things that they loved. Goods from artisans, weird old dusty things and things they made from their own hands. People came. “What is this little place?” “How will they survive?” The world had just survived a financial meltdown and the curious saw hope. The boys took the little shop on the road in a tiny camper. They set up whenever and wherever they could. They sold their wares to anyone who would love them. The tiny dream grew and grew. There were tough times and sleepless nights. There were wonderful times and the boys knew that this little shop was something special. The people kept coming. They told their friends and their friends told friends and soon the tiny shop was so full that it needed a bigger home.

Soon, the bigger home was full of customers turned friends and like the tiny shop, the friendships grew and grew. The tiny shop finally became a store with big, bright windows and more space than two boys could handle. They found others who shared in their passion who came along to help.

The store became a bright spot in a beloved neighborhood and now friends and neighbors and furry dogs could meet up right where they lived. There were so many people coming from all over now and the beloved neighborhood was a bustling, vibrant community. Tough days would most certainly come again and fear would probably want to meet up for old time’s sake but the boys knew better.

They knew that whatever might happen, the community was strong. The friendships would last a lifetime and above all, anything is possible with much hard work and love. They knew that fear would always ride beside them, but love was holding the steering wheel.


Dann and Chip