Balancing Botanical Tea- Headache

Balancing Botanical Tea- Headache

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Each specially formulated blend is packed with essential oils that are locked in during the drying process. In order to rejuvenate these herbs and reap their benefits, boiling water and space to expand are critical components of the steeping process. While we recommend using a French press for best results, tea balls and regular strainers work, too! An age old belief in plant medicine - combined with ancient healing traditions and a deep passion - go into each of these hand-crafted herbal teas. From the seed to the shelf, all ingredients are whole + pure, nothing added, no caffeine.

Headache Tea is crafted to banish stress and tension-filled headaches. Restoring. Helps relieve muscular tension, too. Bold, bitter & slightly sweet.

For best flavor, mix thoroughly before steeping a soothing cup.

2.2 oz, Approx. 30 tsp 

100% Natural product.


No GMO's